Huangzhong 19 thousand people benefited from the military and political enterprises build a demonstr

this year, Huangzhong County identified "military enterprises build a model village 20, benefiting farmers up to 4988, 19 thousand people. At present, the county government enterprises build demonstration village construction steadily.

this year, Huangzhong County integration project five categories 252, the integration of capital of 273 million yuan, 7 million 239 thousand and 200 yuan of funds to help build the unit agreement, is currently in the project villages masonry walls of 151 thousand square meters, more than 1100 gate transformation, hardening Village Road 16.45 kilometers, planted 25 thousand seedlings. 2 million 280 thousand yuan to raise funds for 19 new village comprehensive office service center, investment 321 thousand and 200 yuan for the 14 county-level party building demonstration village 380 villages with the copier, produced a unified comprehensive office service center "plaque, standardized layout 242 village activity room. Shanghai experts to apply for 2 projects to focus on the project, recommended to declare the Xining talent small heights of 3. (author: Su Jianping)


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