On the eve of the fire to early booking reservation

Bid farewell to the heavy housework, choose to eat dinner in the hotel to become more and more people’s choice. There are half a month away from the new year’s Eve, many hotels and restaurants have launched new year’s Eve lunch and dinner reservations. Reporter visited learned that this year’s new year’s Eve book is very popular, a number of high-end hotel new year’s dinner boxes have been booked, it can be said that a table is hard to find".

January 14th, the reporter learned in a number of hotels, new year’s Eve Hotel in all the boxes have been booked, there is only a small amount of the remaining table in the lobby. "This year we have been filled with boxes, the hall, then we have booked eighty percent, compared with last year’s new year’s Eve dinner is better." According to a person in charge of the hotel, this year’s new year’s Eve dinner reservations than in previous years, a lot of people worried about late set, as early as a few months ago on the eve of the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner. The official also introduced to the subscription package table with a single point, but mainly to the table, each table prices mostly in the 800 yuan to 2000 yuan, with thousands of yuan of packages is the most popular, the hotel will according to the different needs of guests, provide different cuisine dishes.

industry to remind the public, we must understand in detail the hotel reservation services provided by the dinner on New Year’s Eve, negotiated fees, after the signing of the contract, we must preserve good related bills, to avoid disputes. In addition, Qinghai province Consumers Association to remind consumers, if consumers’ legitimate rights and interests are infringed, you can call the complaint hotline "12315", in a timely manner to the business sector, consumer complaints and reports.


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