Fine let people feel considerate

  in accordance with the "prosperity depends on industry, by construction, beautiful livable by management" the fine work of thinking, this year, Chengdong district area people to do a lot of things, good things, enhance public satisfaction and happiness.

concentrate on city infrastructure construction, accelerate the construction of the transformation of the city’s main node and road landscape, enhance the comprehensive service roads, drainage, landscaping, street lamps and other municipal infrastructure functions, for the benefit of the people, to beautify the appearance of the city; the area of the masses eat water is difficult, difficult journey to a series of problems solved. Let the big garden residents eat clean and hygienic tap water, let the Muslim lane, 71 Road, xiadou street, Jianguo Road, Republic road and other streets more beautiful, residents travel more convenient; comprehensively promote the "two line" building lighting lighting engineering, street greening and streetscape renovation project, the East is more beautiful more attractive; continue to increase the comprehensive rectification of the urban environment, people suck and strongly reflect the chaos to solve problems one by one…… The fine work in the region to fully implement the concept, let people get many tangible benefits, many people benefit said happily: "fine is good, people feel the government considerate to the common people." (author: Jia Quanjun)


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