Li Yanhua let the flowers can realize remote control

there are a lot of people like to plant some flowers, but the modern fast-paced life, travel is a very normal thing, a long time, even if they love flowers, will die. In this context, if you can remotely control the flowers, no doubt will be loved by many people. Mobile phone with APP flowers, "a key escrow" home of the flowers, even if they are in a foreign country, still can take good care of the home of plants…… This set of "intelligent maintenance management system" in China to realize the remote management of indoor vertical green plants, the application and the national invention patent. Li Yanhua, associate professor of landscape architecture and forestry, Qingdao Agricultural University.

associate professor, Ph.D., chairman and general manager…… There are many titles on Li Yanhua ‘s business card, but in her opinion there is only one of her own – family gardening advocates.

from reading to work, Li Yanhua always deal with landscape design, gardening landscape. Li Yanhua in life also like to keep some flowers at home. She also launched a few acres of land on the streets of Chengyang, weekend leisure time to go over there all kinds of flowers and fruits and vegetables.

home to spend too much land and grass, and will not be managed, many people love the green city has become a "plant killer". Family gardening concept in Li Yanhua’s mind gradually clear. In October 2015, each garden Technology Co. Ltd. was incorporated in the green walls, plants, plants, plant murals screen partition based products, the core technology of intelligent maintenance management system for the green pastoral dream in here.

this is not Li Yanhua’s first venture. In 2008, Li Yanhua of the Qingdao Agricultural University landscape architecture teachers together to create Qingdao jxk agricultural planning and Design Institute Limited by their own professional advantage and agricultural experts and professors, in the planning design throughout the country more than 100 modern agricultural demonstration garden project. These years in the wisdom of agriculture, horticulture, intelligent ing technology and other aspects of contact and accumulation, and all resources docking contacts, paves the way for the two Li Yanhua venture, set up each garden as follow.

the benefits of wall greening is a wide range of cultivation, and does not occupy the ground space, wall area can generally reach 2.5 times the size of the housing." Li Yanhua will be home to the three dimensional design of the wall planting, "a TV backdrop, about 216 plants can be placed."

is located in Chengyang District, Dr. Yang Xing Road entrepreneurial park, each garden office is particularly eye-catching, as if a door in the fairy tale forest. The plants growing in the window, hanging green, Chlorophytum, Chunyu Zhu Mei, Boston…… Different plant shapes point with a picture of beauty, and the scenery all blend into one harmonious whole." Li Yanhua to reporters one by one to show the company’s products, we independently developed ‘can absorb formaldehyde soilless cultivation matrix’, not only recommend

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