The future development trend of Japanese and Korean cuisine

said that many Japanese and Korean consumers will be excited, of course, Japan and South Korea style cuisine so fire is also a reason for the future development trend of Japanese and Korean cuisine? Look at the following small details:

a, Japan and South Korea cooking why so fire?

the popularity of any kind of food culture, can not be separated from the root of the cultural invasion and popularity behind it. In history, Japan and South Korea have been China vassal. These three countries can be said to be homologous in geography, history, language, diet and culture.

two, the top 5 cities data: daily material than Korean material

in a food data report shows that in the twelve most popular Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine compared to other foreign cuisine, has achieved a better civil welcome. In essence, it is inseparable from the widespread acceptance of popular culture in Japan and korea.

data show that in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing 5 first-tier cities, there were 6623 Japanese restaurant and 5158 Korean cuisine restaurant, in the number of Japanese restaurants Bihan restaurants or more than 1465.

China Japan and South Korea market trends

three, breakdown of urban data: Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shenzhen three cities prefer Japanese material

data segments down, we will find that, in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen three city, the number of Japanese restaurants than the Korean restaurant in Guangzhou material, the most representative data, 1.89:1 Japanese restaurants and the number of Korean restaurants is amazing, it can be said from the number of one dimension, Japanese restaurants get victory in the three city.

four, sushi & Korean barbecue, the most popular traditional food

sushi is one of the traditional Japanese cuisine, and has a long history in japan. Its main material is to use the sushi vinegar seasoning to maintain the body temperature in the rice block, coupled with fish, seafood, vegetables or eggs as ingredients, its taste delicious, very popular with the Japanese people.

is a Korean barbecue dishes in Korean cuisine, mainly beef, beef, steak, beef tongue, sirloin, and seafood, sashimi is Korean barbecue delicious, especially the roast beef fillet steak and roast the most famous, the fleshy tender delicious. In the investigation of Japanese and Korean cuisine, in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen 5 cities in Japan and South Korea restaurant, the hottest theme is as follows:

Japanese Cuisine: Sushi > Ramen > >

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