To make money – the whole of beer

in order to be able to find a profitable business opportunities, many people in the market for investment projects is an ongoing investigation and investigation. So, to join the beer to make money? Beer agent, in recent years, many people gradually into the eye, because in the wine market occupies a significant share of the beer industry, its interests are considerable. Beer, as one of the world’s largest wine, has been owned by this huge market, so the choice of entrepreneurial projects, beer agents have become a good investment projects.

believe that all beer entrepreneurs will have such a doubt, I venture to join the beer, opened a franchise, will make money? We do not panic, looking for you to analyze it you will understand the people of the table beer is not small, let the wine company is China’s ingrained culture of wine, beer sales in China has been very high, open beer stores you do not have to worry about no consumer market development that prospect is good. There are many advantages to open the beer store, go see it.

1, Chinese culture Jiuzhuo ultimately beer company

Chinese Jiuzhuo culture is very important, as long as the boss and colleagues, eating out, wine is indispensable. Young people love to drink, to express the heart melancholy will be about 35 friends go out to drink a cup encounter happy. It can be said that modern life has become a beer.

2, beer to join the shop facade requirements, avoid the high rent

compared to many of the requirements of the project to join the facade, beer joined almost no such problem. Join the beer you only need to contact a good buyer (usually a roadside snack bar or cigarette and liquor vendor), will be shipped to the buyer of beer can, do not need to rent shops, which greatly reduces the cost of inputs to the join, faster.

3 beer, big profit margin,

a little understanding of the market people know, directly from the manufacturers to take the beer price is very low, when the franchisee to sell these beer to consumers, the price can be doubled. Huge profit margins.

4, beer use, sales target wide

In addition to drinking beer,

beer has many other uses. Beer, such as roast duck, beer as a condiment. Beer also has the effect of skin care. The enzyme and enzyme in the beer can soften the cutin, drain the excess water in the body, make the skin more delicate and shiny. We all know that beer contains barley and hops, beer shampoo can make hair soft and shiny, dandruff can.

as beer itself

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