Open Home Furnishing jewelry stores – the whole to make money

home business in swing, entrepreneurial choice to join the home market, is a very good choice. Home accessories? The best choice for small business. Shop choose to join the home jewelry items, shop is earned! Good market selection, good business opportunities!

74% of the respondents believe that the decoration of the room to reflect personal style, taste, 55% of respondents said that through the placement and embellishment of small items can achieve the purpose of creating a home fun. So open a home jewelry store is imperative revenue items. According to authoritative statistics: the provincial capital city of the 33, 393 prefecture level city, nearly 3000 county-level city, Home Furnishing jewelry consumption capacity of up to 2000 to 300 billion yuan, a town of 100 thousand, Home Furnishing jewelry wholesale industry annual consumption capacity of not less than 10 million yuan.

The future development direction of

Home Furnishing jewelry trends, will strive to show the master bedroom of whimsy, simplicity, fashion, personality, emphasize the modern feeling, from the subtle (decorative painting, such as a master bedroom with personality and occupation of a key small jewelry display) to complete reflect master grade and occupation, position etc.. China Social Investigation Office (SSIC) in the special questionnaire to do Home Furnishing decoration, decoration, in 2010, China Home Furnishing public family decoration will be the emergence of new trends, and will not be as hard as decoration, will replace the dominant direction of mass consumption to soft decoration, such as hanging at home decoration painting the positive reflect the owner’s taste and personality, but also can edify sentiment, with Home Furnishing small accessories embellishment home side corner, in order to reflect the owner and etc..

on the future of household goods, gifts, the trend of the seminar, the tutor put forward the new trend of the future home life is: to find a feeling of life, to create a simple beauty. And the feeling of the life you need to use Home Furnishing accessories to reflect the stability, such as advocating people will choose portrait painting, advocating modern people will choose some modern factions, especially the decorative painting of the abstract class to show room etc..

how to open Home Furnishing jewelry stores? Home Furnishing business shop, to vision, try to do the Home Furnishing characteristics, trends have a certain understanding, and try to make Home Furnishing accessories consistent with the current Home Furnishing style; in the supply that also should try to pursue distinctive style, work well; teacher pointed out that, due to Home Furnishing consumer demand is more sensitive to the price, investors can consider the flexible price strategy can be carried out according to the amount of consumption or consumption and progressive discount, for example, to buy 5 pieces of goods Home Furnishing, enjoy a discount of 5, enjoy a discount of 10%, buy more, enjoy more discount. This can not only promote sales, but also to return the funds as soon as possible to reduce inventory.

home accessories? High quality entrepreneurial projects

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