Mother and child flash purchase network Zulily financing $1 billion valuation of $85 million



maternal and child flash purchase network Zulily financing 85 million valuation of $1 billion

mother and child flash shopping site Zulily has just announced the Anderson – Fund (Andreessen Horowitz) financing $85 million. This is Zulily’s fourth round of financing, the company’s current valuation has reached $1 billion.

Zulily provides flash purchase transaction average duration of 72 hours. Users receive the latest product mail every morning, about 35 new products a day. The company’s products include clothing, toys and children’s products, the maximum discount of up to 70%.

Zulily recent user breakthrough 10 million mark. According to the Anderson Horowitz fund partner Geoff · Jordan (Jeff Jordan) revealed that creative entrepreneurial companies are shaking e-commerce companies and retailers status, and the prospect of Zulily is extraordinarily broad.

"we believe that it is now in the early stages of the retail revolution, and inefficient entities are making it more efficient and innovative." He said in a blog, Zulily is one of the fastest growing companies we encounter. To our surprise, they achieved this achievement with so little money."

Jordan also said that the success of Zulily and its expansion of new markets have a great relationship, including the women’s jewelry and household products into the field. It also makes Zulily and other traditional e-commerce giant formed a difference.


raised $43 million in August last year, Zulily has begun to self – service orders, but also the establishment of the two shipping centers, and plans to expand the international market. Today, the company announced the launch of iPad applications. The latest investment makes the total amount of Zulily financing reached $138 million, the company will use the funds to expand the scale of the platform.

Zulily CEO Daryl · card (Darrell Cavens); Evans said: "Zulily is the focus of motherhood consumers. Less than 3 years, we have seen a substantial increase in user loyalty and enthusiasm, which also inspired us to launch more products every day. The vast majority of orders come from old customers, we must continue to give them a pleasant surprise, continue to please them. A new round of financing allows us to expand faster, and continue to provide high-quality experience for these busy mothers."

Cavens served as senior vice president of online jewelry retailer Blue Nile marketing and technology. He founded Zulily in 2010. The company is headquartered in Seattle, owned by the United States

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