Clothing industry novice shop purchase to avoid factors

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clothing store opened a clothing shop owner who, in the whole process of shop, purchase is a very important link, at the same time, a good purchase scheme is very important, to avoid taboo purchase what shop?

Most clothing is


second taboo: "lazy" complex

do have a small clothing, such as going to the 13 line, the train, went straight to the destination, directly to the warm home, sweep the goods sent out, the whole afternoon are free, free from restraint. These people will never be bigger, because they made the shop second taboo: lazy! Success lies in the accumulation, do not accumulate at any time, the success of knocking at the door, you do not know who he is. If you want to set up a successful shop, do not give yourself an excuse for laziness, ready to knock their own alarm.

third big: halo

touted by the wholesaler

in the wholesale market, is the owner of a compliment a few words, took many colors, many people take? Some MM, in their own shop in the wholesale market, qiaosheruhuang, a few "big eyes off," if a few people are down, face, should say the price, finally muddleheaded handed the money to the know. Kill people very sober, was killed when confused. Backshish can not count the ways, the wholesale market a few blocks, hundreds and hundreds of pieces, hundreds of dollars for a small shop, but also do not know how much is slobber, flicker with stickers, when a sudden death.

Fourth taboo: adapt to the phenomenon of

fifth big: physical enough with

Most of the

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