Why cigarette and liquor vendor is really well done – the whole

once the smoke hotel can bring us great wealth, but now the smoke hotel but let many shopkeepers are distressed, I do not know whether to give up or so much effort to adhere to. In fact, in the current business environment, smoke Hotel is really bad to do ah. So, why smoke Hotel really bad to do?

smoke Hotel is the group purchase, retail, distribution, display, promotion of five functions in one, become a liquor brand battle channels. But in recent years, the depth of the liquor industry reform and strategic adjustment also prompted the smoke Hotel shuffle". Take the cigarette and liquor vendor ranked the first in the country in Henan, nearly 1/3 or more of the cigarette and liquor vendor have continued to shut down. Now do not ah, but also across the country with emotion.

we smoke from the hotel’s profit model analysis.

1, crony profit model. Generally speaking, is to hold together heating, more common is to pull acquaintances (like relatives and fellow villagers). This will not only help to open up and account for the small area of the market to further expand the territory, but also to resist market risk. This is very effective when the wine demand is strong, but in the transition phase of the entire wine industry and demand elasticity is low now, the strength of the capital chain is a test. And integration is not enough. So many store owners can not find a way to fight a protracted war, have retreated or simply switched.

2, resource profit model. This resource is a repeat customer. Rely on personal relationships will be sold to the needs of the product is stable and large quantities of bulk buying or long-term customers, such as organs and institutions, hotels and so on, these are the main services of the smoke hotel. With the government agencies in recent years, three were suppressed, the rapid loss of these customers (food and beverage industry has also been greatly affected) led to bulk buy weak! Coupled with the lack of industry standard (which is a major drawback of chain profit), is really selling shoddy, fake, so that it is difficult for consumers to trust her. Business is hard to do!

3, position profit model. Is to occupy a good position, rely on a good store, road edge. "Ten years of gold", the smoke Hotel index increased, the situation was a good". Basically close to the government office, commercial street, residential areas and other tourist stability, a large flow of people treasure". However, the geographical advantage is still strong in the store, the gradual decline in profits. No wonder, the country’s demand for wine is also declining, smoke Hotel is just a microcosm. Good location to do the traditional business, but also can not avoid the impact of the big trend and the impact of the background. Factors affecting the industry is based on demand.

4, product portfolio profit model. Not a single cigarette and liquor vendor as well as tobacco, liquor, tea, snacks or drinks products such as the main or auxiliary combination commodity sales. But the combination of liquor products profit (that is, the best-selling products and profiteering products, wines and local brands combined sales model to achieve profitability) is the main. >

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