AUX Wu Fang Liang back to the top two entrepreneurial start-up financial companies

was once the air conditioning industry entrepreneurial giant, born from AUX’s Wu Fangliang back to people’s attention again. Re emergence of his experience after the two venture, turned into a financial company CEO, once again shopping malls.

"air conditioning most afraid of Wu Fangliang because of his book, a book, air-conditioning industry will usher in a reshuffle." An air conditioning industry veteran so that the former general manager of AUX air conditioning.

2001 -2004, Wu Fangliang has published the "white paper", "the cost of air conditioning air conditioning technology," white paper "Chinese red book", "healthy air conditioning technology of inverter air conditioner installation technology" to expose the red book industry, the domestic air-conditioning industry way to provoke a price war, forcing more than 150 air conditioning companies are forced to withdraw from the market at the same time. AUX air conditioning air conditioning from Jiangsu and Zhejiang enterprises a little-known, help the industry four status.

however, with Dong Mingzhu, Fang Hongbo continued to create higher scores, Wu Fangliang quietly fade AUX. Until the end of 2015, he to Ding quasi Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the quasi assets) CEO identity appeared, so that many air conditioning industry realized that the air-conditioning industry once again returned to the marketing tycoon.

information, Ding is a quasi assets through the Internet banking, financial institutions as the central air-conditioning engineering companies to solve the problem of building air conditioning installation project underwritten.

tenure as general manager of AUX air conditioning, Wu Fangliang has masterminded a number of industry white paper published by the industry, the field of air-conditioning sales pricing form directly expose differences too big pain point, many air conditioning companies out of the market, and by means of the price war, let AUX air-conditioning sales in 2004 hit about 2800000 sets, one year industry four.

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