Entrepreneurship shop how to manage can bring hot business

venture, then basically need to shop, but the store management can not imagine so simple, for the store’s operation and management, many people still do not know how to do. After the shop, store operations and management, the relationship between the future can bring good business. Look at other people’s shops are hot business, many people want to know, how to manage. Here to give you an introduction, entrepreneurship shop how to manage can bring hot business.

1, customer database management

(1) understanding customer

customers are those who can affect the company’s profitability, it is a large and multi-level group. The customer is the end user, the user. For the shop, if you can not meet the buyer, you can not succeed.

(2) to establish customer files

will be identified by the customer to build a file, and input to the database. The main content of the customer database, mainly refers to the customer related information.

2, customer survey

know the customer, understand the customer is a special thing. A shop that is actively expanding its market share must understand the following questions through various methods and approaches:

What are the needs and expectations of

customers? What are the most important aspects of the customer’s needs and expectations?

how much are these needs and expectations? How many competitors can satisfy?

implementation of customer serialization, which is a simple, effective management methods. Specific operation, you can use two different methods. (1) organize customer according to customer’s attitude towards product. (2) organize the customer according to the customer’s purchase amount.

is called the customer series, is to train our loyal customers and the first user, or a class a customer. A high degree of customer serialization, indicating that the store image is good, there is a very good customer groups or with a class of customers to maintain close ties, but also to attract customers to brand, no brand loyalty customers.

want to store business is good, need to pay attention to the details are also many, some more hope to help everyone, business shop, for management of the store, many of which are to everyone’s attention, good management, can also be more popular to Satay business and market. After reading the above for entrepreneurial shop how to manage the introduction of hot business can be introduced, we hope to be able to help.


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