Baidu advertising optimization theme promotion theme description

      Baidu alliance to promote the theme as the background of the function is not very strong, so provide the optimization and comparison of the user’s way is not very flexible, most publishers rarely consider advertising optimization Baidu theme promotion. In fact, for most web publishers, Baidu theme promotion can be optimized and to get more advertising revenue through optimization.

      there are a lot of Baidu alliance type of advertising, even if it is also to promote the theme topic description, subject headings, theme links and theme options such as laboratory, here is first mentioned optimization of topic description.

      theme description is the most common type of advertising, but also the most simple and effective way to launch, and Google Adsense advertising unit is similar, but there is no picture and animation ads.

      1, advertising placement

      all the owners are aware of the importance of the placement of advertising, the basic principle is to put the ads to the most easily accessible place rather than the most likely to be clicked.

      according to the user click behavior analysis, it is more likely to be concerned about and click on the location of the distribution of the situation as shown in the following figure, 1 for the most attention, in descending order.

      of course, the user’s attention is limited, webmaster can’t require visitors not only pay attention to your website content and pay attention to your advertising, so the owners need to pick a compromise, taking into account the effect of advertising and user experience. I believe that the webmaster put the whole page is full, the real content to look carefully to see this effect will be very good, but I also believe that this site visitors will not patronize.

      2, advertising form

      Baidu theme promotion advertising form and Google Adsense, is set in advance, but provides enough types for selection, almost covers our common advertising shapes and sizes. When we choose the form of advertising, we must first consider the degree of fit with the web, and then the degree of concern in the form of advertising.

      in general, the higher the degree of concern, the higher the advertising space, of course, it also needs to be put in place with the advertising, from the user experience and aesthetic point of view. For example, we usually use the Top 468*60 Banner, we usually use the upper banner 728*90, and the right side of the list page publishers choose more is >

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