The dessert would be what the future development of the enterprise whole

has been in the world to maintain a style change, we do not know what will happen in the future. Just take the food and beverage industry, the sweet milk tea is the most popular young casual drinks, from the beginning of 2005 has maintained a rapid development trend. It is understood that in 2016 the national dessert industry scale will reach 150 billion yuan. However, the dessert to join the market has been brilliant for 10 years, the future will be like this, the future development trend is how it will be in the future development of the dessert industry will join the following 5 areas.

store size miniaturization

from the catering industry, from 2005 to 2006, China’s catering to a large scale wave, the business area of 10000 square meters is moving or 20000 square meters, the general store operating up to 2000-3000 square meters, while the ultra large scale stores everywhere.

product refinement

dessert store product refinement and simplification, the future dessert to join the industry to do subtraction is the development trend of the brand chain. Consumers in the future will be more dependent on the phone when the taste, and placed too many product lines, but not conducive to consumer choice, but less refined is the consumer favorite.

price PFP

dessert stores are based on different product positioning, the price can be divided into different levels, but with the development of market transparency, and increased the pressure of competition in the industry, many brand stores have begun to slowly walk the PFP route, the per capita consumption in the 30-50 yuan, the main consumer groups is 80, 90 young people.

service self-service

service independent is now favored by consumers, some brand stores have implemented the terminal stores a buffet meal or dinner buffet service station itself, has brought great convenience to consumers. Therefore, a lot of brands in the future will be all buffet meals by consumers, pay, pay, which is not only effective in reducing labor costs, shorten the waiting time. Dessert store to save a lot of time on product development, to make more and better products to consumers.

management standardization

any dessert stores need to use food ERP or CRM management model, improve the enterprise information management processes, while convenient ordering process and reasonable collocation. In addition, through the realization of enterprise process, standardization, promote the improvement of enterprise internal management. In the new business situation, the development of new business features.


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