College students do not need to start the business can only do 4 key points


students in social entrepreneurship is often the case, the students how to use small business entrepreneurial guidance cost rapid accumulation of capital? Here to give you 4 strokes, but did not want to Venture Capital University Study hard!

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A itself is a fashion designer, from the clothing company after the resignation of their own business, in a clothing market with other people under the belt with shops, wholesale and retail business operations. With their own design capabilities and industry experience, miss A own design, and then look for clothing processing, and then get back in the clothing store sales. Her style is novel and unique, and sales are steadily rising.

B to a business trip, found that local pine nuts are of good quality and the price is very cheap after investigation, he found his city pine only a few sales, and the price is expensive, therefore, she rushed to the city before the Spring Festival to order a batch of pine nuts, then the largest in the local people’s food wholesale and retail market rent a piece of ground. During the Spring Festival, his pine nuts were sold out to make an unexpected 300 thousand.

"franchise stores incoming spring night, thousands of pear trees". As if overnight, the commercial street jewelry shop and cold drinks shop and so on the small shop on the many more. These jewelry stores and cold drinks shops generally have a better brand background, and join the fee will not be too high, but the choice of brands to join the chain must be identified, and the opportunity to join the earlier intervention

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