College students can apply for a maximum of 500 thousand yuan loan innovation partnership

undergraduate partnership entrepreneurship is a common phenomenon, in order to help these entrepreneurial team, the policy to give up to 500 thousand yuan of loans, as the details of innovation and entrepreneurship policy, continue to look at it!

will actively implement the policy of science and technology personnel of state-owned enterprises to undergo entrepreneurship, Shaanxi in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements or the founder of SME, agreed to undergo retained personnel relations in 3 years, and other units of the original staff equal in title evaluation, social insurance and other benefits.

will encourage students to entrepreneurship and innovation. College students can apply for a maximum of 100 thousand yuan of venture capital guarantee loans, partnership venture can apply for up to $500 thousand loan guarantee. College students return to their home country to start, can be no higher than 20 thousand yuan one-time business subsidies. Strengthen the management and service of college graduates, establish and improve the management method of flexible educational system. Encourage teachers to lead or guide students to start a business, college students leave school for 2 years.

I will set up a new group of professional field of emerging industry venture capital funds and angel fund, to attract social capital to support entrepreneurship and innovation. Support scientific and technological achievements incubation and Entrepreneurship of various types of personnel, the amount given to the start-up project is not more than 50 thousand yuan, a period of not more than 2 years of loans to encourage the acquisition and transformation of various types of fund start-ups.

will guide the angel investors, venture investment funds to support the public record, Crowdsourcing, Zhong Fu, the congregation raised platform development, to encourage qualified enterprises in the gem, three new board listing etc.. It is expected that by 2017, the province’s venture capital fund reached more than 100, the size of more than 10 billion yuan of funds.

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