Nine car refrigerator brand ranking

The development of

technology, the refrigerator has let the refrigerator is no longer limited to the traditional, more and more people buy the refrigerator car carrying convenience, car refrigerator is a continuation of the household refrigerator, using electronic semiconductor refrigeration technology, but also through the compressor refrigeration. With little noise pollution characteristics. As long as the power plug inserted into the cigarette lighter on the line, you can cool the refrigerator. The refrigerator car is driving (trucks, taxis, buses, tourist buses), tourism, picnics, camping, fishing partner. Do you want to know which brand is better?.

mobicool electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and box ten brands, car refrigerator brands, the first professional production car refrigerator brand, is the product of choice for customers, the world’s leading professional manufacturer of portable refrigeration products, currently the only master compressor refrigeration, semiconductor refrigeration, gas absorption refrigeration technology manufacturers.

powerland is well-known brands of high-end car refrigerator, the brand was founded in 1998, headquartered in Guangdong Shenzhen, is a focus on the refrigerator car R & D and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises. The design, application and innovation of all kinds of semiconductor refrigerator and compressor refrigerator has been in the leading position in the industry. China is the first to enter the automotive refrigerator manufacturing industry company.

Fourth: Haier

sixth: Ke Pu

Ke Pu (CAPLE) is a well-known international comprehensive appliance.

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