Kawangka – who is the original tea business

all know that in the Chinese market there is such a popular tea brand – Kawangka. Do you want to know who is the founder of the brand?

tea in the market has a high degree of attention and recognition, tea as a beverage industry pillar, high popularity and hot market has attracted many investors in droves. A Kawangka tea shop investment are often able to make myself a good income, but the cost is small, there is no experience of people what almost no burden! So, who is the founder of Kawangka tea? Has a legendary story of how? Let’s look at


Who is the founder of

Kawangka tea? As Kawangka once the old staff, is also a well-known university graduates, the insider told reporters, when Kawangka in 2008 opened the first store in Hefei woman street, in general is not good, near the shop owner even predicted that it will soon fall. However, these entrepreneurs not only the advanced management experience of their working at the Starbucks learned to the tea shop, but also allocate the milk formula in the round the clock inside the shop, through a series of efforts, the ultimate success of their career.

Who is the original

Kawangka tea?

, according to a person close to the reporter, now familiar with the milk Empire Kawangka, in fact, founder of the founder of the milk tea is a few young college graduates from Nanjing. If they had chosen the civil service exam and was admitted, so now this Kawangka tea "empire" can be regarded as their opportunity cost.

Kawangka tea shop occupies an important position in the Chinese tea market, is one of the Chinese all brand tea shop most praised by users of the tea shop brand. Kawangka milk tea shop originated in Anhui, Hefei, currently in the Yangtze River Delta region has a franchise stores and outlets. Kawangka milk tea adhere to provide customers with high-quality beverages and warm people’s services, is committed to building China’s most popular tea brand.

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