Gan eyebrow ndustrial Park to come up with a decisive battle poverty alleviation and innovation

is now the community actively promote people to entrepreneurship, in fact there is a very important purpose, is poverty, in the whole process of social entrepreneurship, to help some poor people to get rich on the road is the key.

three projects to implement poverty alleviation. First, industrial poverty alleviation. Vigorously promote new industrialization, bigger and stronger leading industry park, through the training of poor households to absorb industrial workers, and strive to 2017, the employment of 100 people out of poverty of 470. Vigorously promote the modernization of agriculture, focusing on the last 1 poverty-stricken villages in the park – National Day Village, the establishment of professional cooperatives, through the company + association + farmers, the industrialization of the operation, to get rid of poverty in 2017, 50 people in 100. Two photovoltaic poverty alleviation.

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