Entrepreneurship is not true love after understanding the true chapter

entrepreneurial army some people are willing to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, in order to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, and some are forced to live under pressure. The real entrepreneur, to recognize the nature of the business is still in love with it, the following is a love of entrepreneurial friends for the summary of entrepreneurship.

2015 eleven golden week is not tourism, not only with the family, delicacy and work, finally in the "special leave" the end of the time to write something to share my start on the road encounter setbacks, hope to be able to help business friends on the road to success. Like the title of the text, the real entrepreneur should be when you recognize the truth of the business still love her – this is the real entrepreneur, or the real success, nothing to do with money.

ZF, the public advocate innovation and entrepreneurship, which in itself is not wrong, because China has always been the stock of social, mainly rely on the production of low value of the goods and the sale of energy, since the 08 years since the economic crisis, export orders cut, Jiangsu and Zhejiang factories close enough, to inject new vitality into the economic China. Only by increment, but the existing factory is not incremental, how to do?

In fact,

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