Tianchang crop extracting and processing the join venture good project

natural health market is always popular. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the smooth days of crop extraction and processing projects, but also has the advantage of a strong choice. In fact, the small business choose to join the smooth days of crop extraction and processing projects, joined the choice, a lot of advantages. Small business projects!

joined the day after the extraction of crops, as long as the production of raw materials sufficient resources, stable, convenient water, adequate raw materials, like some beans: such as soybeans, beans, black beans, red bean, mung bean, peanut; grains such as wheat, barley, corn, buckwheat and wheat; fungus; letinous edodes tremella, agaric all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Plant. These you must add Goods are available in all varieties., management capacity and capital investment capacity, not half a month, the product will be sold in the market.

joined the Tianchang crop extraction processing technology 1-2 person to operate, does not need the production area of 10 square meters above, as long as the workshop clean sanitation, good ventilation, lighting configuration of 220V power supply, manual and facilities combined operation, business door will open for you, the exchequer.

day a plant protein peptide is a new enzyme extracted from crops, specifically recognized at home and abroad scavenger of free radicals, the human body can clear free radicals increase ten thousand times, have a good anti-aging effect. Tianchang crop extraction processing is widely used in medicine and health care, cosmetics and other industries, Tianchang brand maturity all partners across the country, science and technology to guide funding, focus on creating the story.

quality of life, the best choice for trust. In our life, as long as the choice of a good project, is the best choice for the success of our business. How to join in the process of extracting crops? Worthy of trust, worthy of our attention, it is worth joining!

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