Remember the first time Wangzhuan experience

reminds me of my first blog, rent is 50 dollars of ASP space, the frame of a Zblog program. At that time, I did not write any articles, but I was busy with the interview and arranged some of the interview questions published on the blog, after which I did not pay too much attention to. Then one day, suddenly thought of his blog, want to know in the end there is no one to visit it? So on the registered users, put a statistical code on the blog. Two days after the to view statistics, found that day actually had a dozen people through the search engine came to my blog, that time feel very excited, excited is the power, I continue to find questions, collect and distribute articles. Such a day and not long after, one day when I was on the search for the civil service exam questions on Baidu found that each of you search a keyword Baidu will always give some relevant hot search term. For example, you search the civil service exam questions, it gives a connection called, there are 2009 civil service examination, the examination questions and so on Zhejiang, 2010 key words. The actual personal guess these are a popular search term, when I click on these links, Baidu search, found no information, from which I got some enlightenment, what is enlightenment? In a lot of people in a Baidu keywords, but Baidu’s database is not the word, so I the thought of forged a great way? I published several articles, the content is old, but the title is taken out of the several popular Baidu keyword. It wasn’t long before the articles were collected, and I still remember an article called Zhejiang province civil service exam in 2008, when I forged this article, the key word actually ranked first. After a few days, the key to every day I brought 500IP, I was so excited that my hands busy feet soft for the Ali Mama, hung advertising, the time to open my account Ali mother the most exciting thing is every night, to see how much money there, seemingly every day close to 5 dollars, 5 yuan is also good, it is 1500 yuan a year, at that time thought is very beautiful. But good times don’t last long, 1 weeks later, my blog is Baidu K left a few pages, my dream will be 5 yuan a day off.

later graduated from the university because of busy paper no to talk to my blog, when later remembered space has already expired, and now even the Ali Mama accounts are forgotten, it is a tragedy.

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