Summer hot pot restaurant business to keep in mind the six points

now, regardless of southerners or northerners, hot pot is everyone’s favorite tongue delicious. Compared with the winter, a lot of hot pot restaurants in the summer ushered in a few customers, business bleak deserted. But some hot pot shop, the customer is still a lot, really let other pot shop owner envy, then, how do they do it?

A, suitable for summer consumption development Hot pot variety

The new

two, iced beer free

three, the launch of the seasonal fruit, snacks, Fresh Juice Liangdie

popular in the fruits of the season, launched Fresh Juice, fruit, or fruit into the pot, a change in the past Hot pot easily lose the concept of consumption. Liangdie cheap snacks in the premise of guaranteed profits and sales, to let customers feel the benefits, so as to drive the popularity.

five, Hot pot shop daily free single consumption strategy

six, combined with  

through marketing publicity;

can promote each other sharing, and some related enterprise resources, such as supermarket chains and joint promotions. Such as consumers in the supermarket consumption of how many yuan vouchers page or coupons to enjoy the discount of hot pot restaurants; similarly, in the hot pot restaurant consumption of how many customers can get free supermarket VIP card, etc..


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