Wine a benchmark for quality life

Wine is one of the quality of life of iconic products, which also has unlimited business opportunities worth developing and mining, as people’s living standards further improved, Wine market will be more and more broad, Wine investment industry, investment direction will be one of the very wise.

however, Wine industry also has pressure. Competition is very fierce, start-up costs are high, but these obstacles are not insurmountable or inevitable. "In this industry, need to have entrepreneurial spirit, to create many high start-up costs do not necessarily need the opportunity," Michael · Green (Michael  Green) said that he believes that this industry can accommodate all types of entrepreneurs.

Evaluation of

Green has reason to believe. When he was 6 years old, he began to get in touch with wine, and he took care of a wine shop with his father. As one of the founders of the best wine cellar, as well as a food magazine wine and wine consultant, Green accumulated a lifetime experience. Ten years ago, his Wine professional knowledge has complete and therefore the creation of the Liquid  Assets  Consulting  Group company, is now Wine and food industry renowned marketing and consulting group. The company’s sales are expected to exceed $1 million 400 thousand this year.

so it seems that the investment market to secure Wine have investment prospects than any other market, early investment Wine industry will make your fortune more easy!


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