Method for counting Google advertisement clicks

like Google ads to show what the content is by Google control, using the common page connection, we are unable to statistics on our page Google advertising on how many times, who clicked on. Because these pages are out of our control. Here is a way to count the number of clicks Google advertising.

the following code, we click, move and other events, to determine whether the user clicks within a range of needs. And then count, if we need additional records, can be submitted to a controllable page in these event functions. In order not to affect the display of the page, the page is submitted to the page, is implemented in an implicit IFrame, specific look at the above code will understand.

through the above methods, we can achieve regardless of the point of the site’s own advertising, or Google ads, each click, increase the number of available points such logic. (of course this logic can be more complicated)


< html>
< head>
< title> /title>
< script; language=" javascript" >
< —
function! KeyDown (E)
if (event.srcElement.tagName==’IFRAME’
& & event.clientX==-1;
& & event.clientY==-1;
& & event.fromElement==’object’) if you need to submit a
//document.adform.submit {
// (
var num = parseInt (shownum.innerHTML);
shownum.innerHTML = num 1;
return false
}; />document.onmousemove=keyDown; />document.onmouseover=keyDown;

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