How much pizza hut fee

if it is only western style fast food, many people may think of KFC or McDonald’s, but if it comes to pizza, naturally not pizza hut. However, such an international brand, if you want to cooperate, naturally need to prepare adequate costs. So, how much pizza hut fee? Pizza hut to join it? Let’s get to know each other.

want to do Pizza Hut boss, not easy.

Pizza Hut franchisee can cash requirements of its own funds of not less than 3 million yuan, total assets of not less than 6 million yuan; the restaurant’s purchasing costs at least 3 million yuan, plus 300 thousand yuan initial franchise fee, training fee of 60 thousand yuan, 10 years to get a pizza hut franchise, the franchisee upfront investment of at least 3 million 360 thousand of course, if the yuan wants to take Wang Pu, will have to pay more money.

it’s not all that needs to be paid. According to the introduction of pizza hut, the purchase fee includes all the equipment, decoration, intangible assets and personnel transfer costs, but this does not include the restaurant’s rent, food costs and wages. Franchisees can re hire employees, but Pizza Hut commitment to the original management team will work in the restaurant for at least 1 years.

in addition to the initial purchase fee, each year, investors also need to pay 11.5% of the cost of the restaurant turnover to pizza hut, which is the continuing cost of franchising for the franchise, advertising and promotional costs for the 5.5% to 6%.

Pizza Hut stores can be said to be available all over the country, joining the need to fill in the amount of information available on the Internet and the amount of investment, the company will recommend its stores to the financial situation. But Pizza Hut did not disclose the specific number of stores available for franchisees, the franchisee, they can not choose their own regions and stores.

Yum department heads, in order to support the development of pizza hut brand, in early 2015, yum group launched Pizza Hut happy restaurant franchise business in the country to open. In the development of the strategy to join, yum special emphasis should adhere to the principle of quality rather than quantity, and I hope to find a suitable partner to join together to build brand.

is expected to Pizza Hut brand and catering industry enthusiasm to join the business, good quality of entrepreneurs, successful management experience and more than 3 million yuan of funds can be called, at the same time, the applicant is required to join the daily operation and willing to handle matters personally in restaurant management. Experience in food service and retail industry is preferred.

franchise mode "from scratch"

Pizza Hut in China to take the "no scratch" franchise model. "Do not recommend from zero

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