Tianjin start the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship in Colleges and Universities


started in the management activities of entrepreneurship education in our universities tend to theoretical courses, the lack of sufficient attention to the practice. Nowadays, more and more college students begin to pay attention to practice, which indicates that China’s higher education has entered a new stage of development.

sponsored by the Tianjin City Board of education, School of Tianjin University of Finance Economics and the city college students entrepreneurship CLD co service innovation entrepreneurship practice before the start. From this month, the city’s 55 research universities, undergraduate students, vocational college students will be glad to attend business school of innovation and entrepreneurship training, in-depth about 30 companies for a period of 9 months of practice, by giving full play to their own professional advantage, help enterprises to enhance market competitiveness.

"to participate in the training of the team through the CLD college docking to the major business enterprises and employers to practice and employment. Some bottlenecks encountered, there is a good project but can not afford the operation of innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises, but also through the introduction of college students into the team or project outsourcing services." Glad multi-creation space founder Lv Penghui said: "at present, there are many assets amounting to billions of entrepreneurs Cadet college, Nankai University School of economics and business co founded the CLD" EDP senior seminar ", these enterprises have a lot of good projects, there are a large number of foreign investment funds, can solve the problem of entrepreneurship and employment for college students, college students, realize project funds, enterprise zero docking."

students will need to link theory to practice to make use of the advantage of resources, build a practice base for students, in this platform to realize the theory and the reality and market docking, docking, students and enterprises docking, let creativity smoothly become profitable venture.

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