Why college students high mortality

if you are 85, you can feel deeply that, at the time of primary school, students are no worries about work issues, because the university is the package. 85 college students after the employment pressure, to fight the father’s spell dad, can not spell the father can only spell their own. 85 college students entrepreneurship is a common phenomenon, however, many people and venture capitalists are not optimistic about college students entrepreneurship, the reason is very simple, that is, the survival rate is too low, the mortality rate is too high.


if you just call a few friends working together, professional division of labor is even a problem, will be greatly reduced. I remember when I was ready to start a business in 2013, it took me six months to find the right partner, because the core team of entrepreneurial quality and rationality has decided the project life and death.

however, value refers to the entrepreneurial purpose and intention, you choose a business is to earn more money, enrich their experience as the founder of Uber as a market to solve their unbearable pain points. This is very important, if some people want to make money, some people want to experience, some people want to make contribution to the society, that everyone’s opinion can easily cause differences, the result is in the progress of the whole drag team, could lead the team dispersed.

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