What kind of car maintenance knowledge should be mastered in hot weather

Under the circumstances of high temperature

, not only the problem of driving hot, but also need to master the car owners to master more knowledge of the car, so that it is possible to make driving safer. Although Li autumn, the hot weather is still high, the power of a little hot autumn absolutely no cooling trend. Every day out of the new height, go out fully armed, walking on the road is a kind of "baked".

Under high temperature

just a pinch of cumin between a person and a barbecue, parked on the outside of the car is that we are most worried about, after the sun exposure, and there is no difference between Teppanyaki with iron. First of all, let’s take a look at the car after the outdoor exposure, what harm.

first, the formaldehyde content of the car air soared

many owners love installed in the car cushion, the Ottomans, objects, and all these things will contain more adhesive, and adhesive are used urea formaldehyde resin to paste together, so after exposure these objects may cause the formaldehyde content of the air inside the car boom, resulting in damage to the human body may be falling carcinogenic.

two, vehicle aging

car after exposure to high temperature, will accelerate the car paint aging, interior plastic aging. So many times, when the owner had just opened the door, there will be an unpleasant smell, in fact, this is the car’s interior is the sun emit plastic taste, it is easy to cause the aging of automobile plastic parts. In particular, long-term exposure of the sealing ring, it is prone to aging, cracking, sealing performance will be greatly reduced, there may be leakage, seepage phenomenon.

three, don’t put these things in the car

lighters, rechargeable treasure, batteries, canned carbon dioxide drinks, car perfume, etc.. These things are not drying, and some after drying, but also harmful substances.

really do not know, to see a fright ah. High temperature for the car actually have ten thousand points of damage value. It will have to sort out some of the owners of the car on the summer of small knowledge, so please look down.

car cooling these points to know

continuous switch door 5 cooling temperature of about 10

method: only open the driver’s window, repeatedly switching the cab door 5 times. Only need to slide off the sub driving door glass, and then switch to the left front door 5 times, you can cool about 10 degrees, if you switch more than a few times, you can also drop oh.


feel so amazing? In fact, the principle of this method is very simple. < >

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