Chongqing migrant workers return home venture secured loans

are aware of the lack of migrant workers is the capital and technology, want to better promote migrant workers to return home business, you need to address the problem, the introduction of practical entrepreneurial policies. Therefore, migrant workers return home entrepreneurship in Chongqing, the highest 150 thousand yuan can be secured loans, this policy is really very practical.

in the mass called entrepreneurship, highly innovative, migrant workers entrepreneurship has become the trend. Yesterday, the Chongqing municipal government network news: the promotion of migrant workers and other personnel returning home entrepreneurship program was officially introduced, launched a series of preferential policies to support migrant workers returning home entrepreneurship. Among them, the migrant workers to return home to venture capital loans of up to 150 thousand yuan.

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"plan" will be the first in the city, to build 2 – 3 National entrepreneurship demonstration counties, 3 – 5 municipal Demonstration County home business. Among them, in urban function expansion area, will focus on auto manufacturing and digital electronic industries, focusing on Banan economic zone; in the development of the new city, the development of the new city, will focus on food processing, equipment manufacturing, focusing on Jiangjin Degan Industrial Park, in the key support of the Qijiang Industrial Park, around the automobile and motorcycle and car parts green energy-saving building materials industry, the.

and the northeast and Southeast, food processing, electronic machinery and key support of the Kaixian Industrial Park, Wushan Industrial Park, textile clothing, electronic products, food and drug, Xiushan migrant workers returning home consumer electronics, textile and apparel business park project.

by entrepreneurial loans

In order to solve the problem of capital return of

if business is good, the enterprise to have more development, "plan" also do for you to consider. "Plan", will be organized with the intention of social investors, venture capital company of migrant workers entrepreneurship enterprises and projects, and guide social capital to support migrant workers entrepreneurship, but also support the conditions of these enterprises by the new board, the gem straight

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