Health care awareness of the birth of the huge business opportunities

if you want to ask the people will choose to invest in what time to meet the basic economic conditions now, I believe many people will think of the aspects of health care, after all, there is no good health, everything is just empty, so the health care industry is very worthy of investor investment!

is the popular term for health food. GB16740-97 (function) "health food standard" Article 3.1 will be defined as: "health food health food (function) is a kind of food, in common with the general food, can regulate the body’s functions, applicable to specific food groups, but not to treat the disease for the purpose."

so in product promotion, can not have efficiency, success rate, and other related words.   the health care function of health food in today’s society, is gradually being accepted by the masses. Unlike drugs, health care products R & D and equipment costs are relatively low, eat dead people into, it is best not to eat anything.


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