Join entrepreneurship need to calm, careful analysis of cognitive factors

In fact,

joined the project industry, a lot of people on the cognition is not very comprehensive, some people think that "backed by a good shade tree also suggested that" water boat can capsize but no matter what, the key to success is not just one of the reasons.

A, from the market factor 1 is a popular commodity or service consumer attitudes or preferences change, it is a kind of popular, fade quickly, more new products (services) replaced.

2 a large number of competitors or counterfeiters to join the Taiwan market the most popular business we see like a swarm of bees, soup is good, everyone rushed to open; see Egg Tart business is good, all of a sudden hundreds of Egg Tart shop suffers an open, everyone rushed forward and fought the money; see the assessment of cold Haozhuan, a cup of only 15 yuan, Taiwan just half a year, at least 20 outward recruiting franchise headquarters was set up. Such confusion, adding a large number of competitors, the market supply and demand of course has changed a lot, plus the price competition must have to see.

Technological breakthrough or

The major factors of

two, from headquarters 1 headquarters of the organization, internal factors system is not yet perfect, or is still in the experimental stage, support, counseling, advice can therefore give franchisees are limited, so the system of franchisees accidentally added all had to live happily.

3 corporate finance is not perfect or excessive use of financial leverage principle, although the goods and services are accepted by the consumers, was once the economic downturn. "

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