The five most common mistakes in Entrepreneurship

once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, everyone will have their own business ideas, but this idea is wrong, or he is often right, especially under the influence of Those closely involved cannot see clearly., in the overall environment, many people will have to start holding the wrong idea, what is the business idea five then the most common mistake?

1.  entrepreneurship must rely on their own!

"completely on their own is one of the causes of business failure. Many people will only delay, so entrepreneurs should find a partner you can trust. When there is a problem, can help entrepreneurs to remedy; in the progress of the company, and entrepreneurs together to celebrate; and entrepreneurs work together to make the company steady and healthy development. Partners need to take a day off or just a few hours, partners can make the company grow."


2. how old are you,


"in addition to developed in Silicon Valley and a few other business areas, in other areas, most people do not think that any ages for business — whether it is high school management in eBay has just started a business or a mature company. With the Internet, everything is possible, regardless of age or geometry."


3. do you have enough confidence?

"although the entrepreneur development business will naturally to the project itself or self doubt, but the business is to strive to achieve the goal. Even if fear, worry or doubt is better than faith."

4.  overnight riches!


5. everything is confined to ideas!

"friends on the phone said there are all kinds of good entrepreneurs’ ideas’, but need to put into practice the ideas when they come to a standstill. Entrepreneurship is actually the idea of 10% plus 90%>

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