Use these 3 strokes can be turned into works of art goods

given the impression in people’s art and commercial interests, such as vocabulary seems to be completely different, so art is very difficult to become a commodity, but in fact, art can become a valuable commodity, as long as you can do it at three.

Art and commercial seemingly never are two things have no relevance. But many artists, such as the famous earth artist Christo and Jeanne-Claude couple, not only have creative vision, but also a successful entrepreneur, entrepreneur. However, how to put art into the business to? WorkingKnowledge is a newsletter, Journal of the Harvard Business School, they interviewed two famous restaurants, a famous Norma restaurant, which is located in the Swedish capital Copenhagen, is recognized as the world’s best restaurant.

Another one is

1, consider the portfolio investment strategy

if your art start is very high, so only very few buyers will buy. But how can you attract more people by creating a less exclusive version of

without affecting your vision?

Gastó nAcurio is Astrid& Gastó n restaurant founder, he is trying to bring Peru cuisine to the world. In order to achieve his goal, he opened 32 restaurants, which owns nine different brands. In this way, he can develop different menus and pricing in different regions of the market. Chef WolfgangPuck understands this, and the development of this model to the limit, consumers can go to $20 will be able to eat fast food WolfgangPuckExpress not to spend at the airport in Beverly Hills restaurant Spago, a tasting menu of the price as high as $145.

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