Lei Jun to Ali learned three entrepreneurial core

millet this brand we may be very familiar with, you may use your phone is millet phone, then its founder Lei Jun you know? At the beginning he was how to set up the millet it, if not very well before, then you can look at it today, in fact, Lei Jun’s business is affected by Ali, Ali learned from 3 entrepreneurial inspiration.

"I can personally founded a billions of dollars in the company?" so I mention this goal seems to think this dream is too vulgar, so materialistic, but I really think so. I think there is a "ten billion dollars," the goal of our help is very large.

2008 try millet Google released Android, Android released the first mobile phone in 2009. When I saw the first Android phone, I saw an opportunity. I think that in the smartphone industry will reproduce 30 years ago, PC beat Apple’s history. This is a great opportunity.

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