May wish to graduate 3-5 years higher success rate of entrepreneurship

innovation ability of Chinese students has been much criticized, and colleges and universities are seeking to break through the shackles of this opportunity. With the gradual advance of management activities, college graduates have a practice of innovative ideas for entrepreneurial opportunities.


entrepreneurial drive in its own

external cause of family support and government policy

in face recognition technology in the search engine system of flying, Wang Kai gave his name to God "". "We developed this system for face recognition rate as high as 99.5%, but also with the database of the stock face matching." Wang Kai a childish face, but he graduated from college for nearly 3 years.

"entrepreneurial path of university graduates in China is relatively determined, namely at the receiving end after higher education, entering the labor market looking for jobs, work experience, and accumulate entrepreneurial start-up capital and seek together entrepreneurial team, resulting in a suitable situation, realize the dream of entrepreneurship." Zhang Jiurong, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of individual workers said, they start more for their own reasons, not because of family support or government policy support and other external reasons".

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