Maternal and child purchase channels

if you open a mother and child shop, about the purchase, you know how much? Or do you intend to go through what channels to purchase? A lot of maternal and child shop investors have to think about this problem. Need the owner of the purchase of maternal and child shop, should be well aware of the problem on the purchase.

the most commonly used than the Alibaba, which is mainly for some wholesale products, toys, if supplies, baby stroller, crib, but these are mainly low-end consumer products, there are few well-known brands, for some lower spending power three line market. People have higher requirements for milk, diapers, bottles, etc. this kind of product quality, if it is through wholesale channels of purchase, so even in the low-end consumer market, consumers will not buy, must not be a pursuit of cheap.

exhibition site order:

many retailers choose to order industry exhibition site, exhibition site a large number of products to provide sufficient choice for them, but also can directly face the manufacturers, more conducive to lower prices to get the goods. However, many retailers said that the exhibition industry large quantity is limited, and most are in the field of travel, the cost is very high, and the show time is very limited, two or three days are very busy, it is difficult to seriously understand each product.

brand manufacturers purchase:

now mother shop is a wise choice, become a big problem for businesses where the purchase is of course? Or do you think you want the goods, where can be easily found? Master the above several ways and means of purchase, I believe you will reap.


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