The skill of shaping the market reputation in the education market

Compared with other traditional

education project project is the biggest difference, educational programs, consumer word-of-mouth is particularly important in the minds of consumers, if you are a serious and responsible training and education institutions, it will bring a lot of good intangible value to you, so how to establish a good reputation is to educate entrepreneurs to learn the first lesson.

1, shop investment analysis to support the company’s investment plans to join the business to do professional analysis, combined with local economic conditions, the most favorable suggestions!

2, store location feasibility analysis does not support all the stores are suitable for education. The headquarters of the company will be a professional team to join the business site to do a special guide to the franchisee to select the address to do feasibility analysis.

3, store equipment to optimize the headquarters of the company to consider a comprehensive consideration of the size of the store, the size of the funds, personnel, local market conditions and other factors, to help franchisees choose the most appropriate equipment.

4, the store image design to support the company and assist store opened before decoration design, equipment, business planning and other preparatory work, construction supervision and guidance of professional decoration, to create a unified, standardized, first-class image of the store.

5, sales staff recruitment and training guidance to support the company headquarters to assist the new store planning, operational guidance training, to provide integrated services.

6, "personalized" business planning and promotion of follow-up support company headquarters is responsible for the national market overall brand it, provide marketing planning, business planning, promotion planning, promotion planning, promotion and service media advertising materials design and production support services.

7, the new project to promote the support of the company has a professional R & D team, in-depth market research, continuous introduction of new products, the company’s headquarters to join the franchisee to provide new project services, free promotion. />

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