Huizhou people want to do business in the most popular dining and accommodation

now all have a lot of entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial choice are in the business of the industry is also very different, recently in Huizhou have done such a survey, nearly 1/4 of the entrepreneurs will look to the accommodation and catering business.

"personal business maximum loan 200 thousand!" Recently, the Huizhou municipal government executive meeting through the "Circular on further improving the work to promote entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), in the registration process is simplified and the venture capital support, entrepreneurship training and guidance and other aspects in the refinement of the positive measures favored entrepreneurship. How many people have entrepreneurial ideas? What is the current entrepreneurial environment? Recently, Nandu united and West Guangdong Net Forum poll, received a total of 498 questionnaires were effective network, of which 90% of respondents said they now have entrepreneurial ideas, but only 8% people often pay attention to support individual entrepreneurship policy. 41.6% of respondents said the biggest obstacle is the lack of funds.


poll, 70% of respondents were male; 56% of respondents aged from 25-34 years old, over 50% of respondents to the working people, there are 13% businessmen; 27% of the respondents per capita income between 3000-5000 yuan; 90% of respondents said there is now less than 10% entrepreneurial ideas, but the entrepreneurial success.

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success last year

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