nnovation Valley wolf angel Zhu Bo

"wolf" angel

Angel Series innovation Valley Zhu Bo

high-profile "big" Li Kaifu, to create "innovation factory" Southern China innovation Valley Shenzhen office is "low-key", located in Shekou Sea in a two storey building in a piece of orange, next to Nanhai Avenue, erect a lot in large sign: "error in talk, hard work and prosperous". Last week, when the Nandu reporter arrived at the appointed time, seven or eight different entrepreneurial team members get to eat watermelon in the conference room while doing brainstorming, and Zhu wave is not polite, take a piece of watermelon and with everyone laughing a few words.

Internet venture veterans, HUAWEI executives Zhu Bo, last year officially transformed into an angel investor, his current role, he is still fit, although the process of hard to force, but I feel very happy." Compared with other counterparts, Zhu Bo is the biggest characteristic of support of College Students’ entrepreneurship, to seize the user’s preference for grass root products. The investment style, he believes the HUAWEI wolf culture, the small fund, only rely on the investment project return benefit, put yourself in a state of "wolf".

"I’m not an angel"

"angels? Domestic enough lattice there are several? Put it bluntly, is a lot of wings. I don’t think I’m an angel." The interview began, Zhu Bo is "correct" Nandu reporter to his name, he said his identity is an early investor, "angel" two words is too heavy, after all, capital has a profit, many times with "angel". "I only hope that entrepreneurs can improve the success rate of our guidance, their wisdom to play out." He said that his screening of the project is more stringent, if it is "angel", it should be a passionate entrepreneur to run with you describe, you do not hesitate to write a check to him. "But I can’t do it now."

, the outspoken former president of the early investor in HUAWEI Internet business, in the cause of the peak jiliuyongtui, resigned last March from HUAWEI, founded innovation Valley incubator accelerator in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, in the early investment.

before doing innovation Valley, many people have advised me, early investors, incubators, are very hard to force the work, it is difficult to do a good job." Zhu Bo said, many of my friends suggested that he should do VC, or jump to other company executives, but he is planning for the future is to challenge myself, and he is a Libra love toss, especially to do something challenging. Since everyone is doing it, I try it? So, with a stubborn strength, he also went to the United States, the incubator study others is how successful, back home would head in.

Zhu Bo didn’t come in alone. In addition to him, innovation Valley has a four core team, has a wealth of experience. For example, founding partner Xu Hongbo is a college, its identity is a professor of South China University of Technology, the well-known mobile Internet experts;

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