Hebei will implement three years of employment and entrepreneurship action plan measures

at present, the local government has launched a number of preferential policies for entrepreneurship driven employment. In order to achieve the objectives and tasks to drive employment entrepreneurship, promote public innovation, recently, Hebei Province issued three years employment action plan. From the support of funds and tax relief, social subsidies and other aspects to help entrepreneurs.

according to the "plan", in 2016-2018 years, through the joint efforts of all parties, the business scale and proportion of urban and rural workers continue to expand and improve, promote employment, entrepreneurship and innovation spawned a new impetus to the economic development is becoming increasingly obvious effect. To support entrepreneurship 300 thousand (including 30 thousand students), led 900 thousand people in employment, entrepreneurship training 600 thousand people; the construction of all kinds of business incubators, business park, a passenger space public record space of more than 400 of new loans to 2 billion yuan; entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial college graduates employment guide fund reached 100 million yuan.

"plan" clearly, comprehensively promote the business tax relief, policy loans, social insurance subsidies, entrepreneurship training subsidies, entrepreneurship training subsidies, venue rental subsidies, subsidies, one-time business incubation base rent property utilities subsidies, public record broadband network and public space rent subsidies and other business software implementation, simplify handling policy for optimization procedures, work flow, promote the enjoyment of policy facilitation. Build entrepreneurial service platform. To promote the creation of a new hatch mode, such as passenger space, entrepreneurial coffee, innovative workshops, etc., to speed up the construction of a number of low-cost, convenient, all elements, open space. Taken with the well-known venture capital institutions, professional business services cooperative construction, commissioned management mode in cities (including Dingzhou, Xinji) the provincial demonstrative college construction and part of more than 30 professional, integration, network and space, which built in 2016 15. Construction of various types of business incubator 400, which was built in 2016, 200. Each city to the construction of business incubators more than 3 college students venture incubator and local industries; Dingzhou, Xinji city and each county (city, district) in 2016 to build more than 1 migrant workers, college students, retired military personnel home business incubator, 2018 respectively reached more than 2.

broaden the funding channels. Play a central role of entrepreneurial policy loans to support entrepreneurship, optimize loan project, focused on solving the problem of college students, capacity to the unemployed, the precise poverty alleviation project object individual initial financial difficulties, the network business, the flexible employment of workers into the business loans and discount support range. The province’s new venture guarantee loans 2 billion yuan, of which 2016 added $800 million. To raise venture capital loan guarantee funds and outstanding performance of the work of the city, county (District), the province each year from the provincial venture capital funds to give a certain bonus. At the same time, give play to the role of government funds, the establishment of provincial college graduates employment guidance fund. 2016 from the provincial venture capital to support the arrangement of 60 million yuan, commissioned by a qualified recommendation

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