How to choose the best quality

in doing business, the most important thing is to choose a quality to join the brand, then, how to choose the quality to join the Lord? What is a good way? We might as well from the brand, join requirements, market reputation, field visits to join the main aspects of the investigation, and then decide whether to join.

choose the brand is very important: people have a high degree of dependence on joining the brand, that is, figure assured.

may wish to take care of foreign brands: in particular, just enter the Chinese market, foreign brands, often need to adapt to the localization of a few years, and even acclimatized, may wish to wait and see.

to join the main demands on you: many franchisees want to be "shuaishouzhanggui", not only money output; there is also "Tandaqiuquan, want to immediately open shop. Those who refuse to "shuaishouzhanggui" and "Tandaqiuquan, and will join the training of their own brands are often responsible for.

collection of word of mouth: not only the customer’s reputation, but also include the franchisee before, they often tell the truth, this step is essential to investigate.

choose the brand you know: he has a cognitive, in many places to see the brand is often trusted. This is the same as investors look at the project, the technology is not mature, brand new company risk.

don’t believe in "absolute": how long can be returned to the profit or profit, whether the problem is considerable, these problems even if the owner to give you a very definite answer, can not believe.

go to the company site visits: not only to join the main store to investigate different, but also to look at the internal strength of the company, if you give less than 50% confidence, how can I do?


store is very important: one is the main task to teach the franchisee to make money, but must first have their own continuing ability to provide consumers with quality service, the best reflection is the image of the store, behind all the departments of the company, so take a look at the business outlets in the company the strength of the judge is pretty close.

in the business this way, every choice is very important, especially in choosing to join him, but from the headquarters of the strength, heat and support products and other aspects, study is not suitable for joining. The above aspects need to be carefully examined, I hope you can join in the shop to pay attention to these.

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