Some suggestions for entrepreneurs in 2016

in recent years, business people are more and more, many people changed their present situation this year if they venture through entrepreneurship, it pay close attention to, if we can seize the opportunity, even if you do not good enough, the Internet will be the waves pushed forward. Therefore, to sum up the experience of 2015, grasp the opportunity of the year 2016, it should be the entry of each entrepreneur will be a lesson in 2012.

1, small business. Do you want to support small businesses in your heart? First of all, there must be a small business mentality. Analysis of your service providers and customers, if you can develop in the form of small businesses, then it is best. Because small businesses will be more flexible, more focused, so it will be easier to profit.

2, the development of mobile internet. Mobile Internet era has arrived, 15% of the Google search is completed by mobile phones and other mobile devices. How to meet the needs of more and more mobile phone users in the future? This requires you to adjust the direction, in all aspects to consider the mobile user.

3, localization is the trend. Mobile Internet localization features more obvious, Microsoft reported that in the Bing search of mobile phone users, 53% of the search has localized features. Connect to the local businesses or services has become a very important factor, for entrepreneurs, localization is the direction, even if the product and localization provide you did not have any relationship, also need to know the importance of this.

4, know how to delegate and delegate. Just start a business is very difficult, entrepreneurs all Pro Pro, naturally will break into a piece of money into two flowers. However, some of the money is to be spent in the entrepreneurial process, such as the outsourcing of their own is not good to go out, pay partners with the venture, etc.. To know how to delegate, let others do, and focus on what you are good at, so that it will be more efficient, and it is possible to achieve profitability as soon as possible.

5, new ways of trying to reach customers. Whether it is the site, micro-blog, social networking, two-dimensional code or cell phone text messages, there are a variety of new ways to contact each day. This is also an opportunity, even if you do not know all the new ways, but also as far as possible to find your customers through a variety of ways. Learn from existing customers and spend some time trying to open up more customers.


above is small as we bring about business advice, of course there are still many deficiencies between the lines, I hope you forgive me, a few suggestions are for those who venture companies or small businesses to provide the. Of course, not every one is applicable, not every start-up companies should do this, only entrepreneurs reference.

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