Taobao guest Webmaster learn to go out to do subtraction

Taobao now, after several years of development, has gradually matured. It has become one of the individual owners and higher main revenue way. It can be said that Taobao customers led to the rise of the volume of billing CPS model, so that the promotion of personal sites more targeted, more valuable traffic. Taobao passenger station is a special crowd, in the promotion of this area of Taobao goods, competing, director, so that the flow is no longer difficult to achieve. From a statistical point of view, Taobao guest owners groups are increasing, there are more individual owners and entrepreneurs transformation Taobao. So the competition is fierce Taobao off the field, to promote all kinds of popular merchandise has been very popular, and Amoy owners are also constantly mining popular products. But with the introduction of the whole network search engine Amoy network, Baidu gradually restored included on Taobao store, Taobao and Taobao alliance of the guest promotion norms gradually strengthen the management of Taobao passenger car industry environment is also increasingly harsh, money is not so easy to amoy. Taobao customer how to be more difficulties to survive, the cash flow become Amoy owners to think of the problem.

Amoy owners should learn to do subtraction


according to the relevant statistics, Taobao guest income polarization phenomenon is serious, a monthly income of several hundred dollars or even tens of dollars or no profit from a monthly income of one hundred thousand, but profit in the minority, most of the Amoy owners and not really profitable, in the face of the elite station long sun income, also can only dream, no way. With the deterioration of the living environment of Taobao, and even a lot of the previous monthly income of thousands of stationmaster income decline. Taobao guest want difficulties to survive, we must change the thinking way, before the Amoy webmaster to do addition, continue to promote, optimize, add content, and increase the content of promotion optimization. There are many webmaster asked, my guest website promotion is the promotion, the optimization is also optimized, the content also adhere to the original, why they fail, fail to see the volume. That is you ignore the quality of the content, the effect of optimization, promotion efficiency. Although there are original, but the original can not attract users, although there are optimization, but not strong, can not be immediate. Although there are promotion, but the target user does not cover. While you may be operational thinking, in line with the trend, may also be steady. But you do what others are doing, to achieve competitive differentiation, not another way, and ultimately ineffective.

current Taobao off, only learn to do subtraction can have a way out. A5 Forum recently opened a new Taobao passenger plate (, as well as the guest of Taobao answers what is the subtraction, it is the novice from scratch, ask questions, learn to be a qualified Amoy webmaster. Veteran warlords and share together, and make a successful Amoy webmaster. To promote their own more targeted, more reasonable optimization, content more quality, more unique ideas. This can save Amoy owners more time, more cost savings, less detours, >

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