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many small entrepreneurs choose to find opportunities to get rich in the breeding industry, such as raising ducks, but for the novice, this is a very difficult to get the problem, you need a lot of business skills. Xiaobian to share the relevant skills, I hope you can help you successfully breeding, get good returns.

tip 1, observe the laying time. Duck egg laying time is generally concentrated in the early morning 2 to as early as 8, if the daily egg laying time can not be concentrated, or even during the day, it is necessary to fill in feed

2, duck feathers were secret. If the feather is smooth and close to the skin, indicating that the nutritional status is good, otherwise, to improve the quality of feed.

tip 3, observe appetite. Both captive or grazing, laying duck feeding force is very strong, the situation appeared to snatch. Otherwise, find out why.

4 tips, ducks paddling in observation. Laying duck after launching the diving time long, smooth wet hair feathers after landing. Such as fear of water, do not wash or wet hair after the water, the action is weak, at this time to find out the reasons, and feed animal protein feed and cod liver oil.

tip 5, observe the state of mind. The healthy duck spirit is lively, the movement is flexible, the rest is quiet, the sick duck then the spirit is dispirited, the outlier stands, shrinks the head to hang the wing.

Tip 6, observe stool color. Healthy ducks stool not hard and soft, color black, with a small amount of urate deposition surface. Sick duck feces are green, white, golden yellow and other abnormal thin stool.

There are a lot of

small business project, duck is also a good way to learn more development, improve the survival rate of duck technique, and make their own interests are protected. If you still do not understand the place, please continue to consult, Xiao Bian will try to answer.

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