The laid-off workers with a rich flax

laid off, the source of the economy is broken, there is no life security, how to continue life? Laid-off workers do not be afraid, no work, but also to find a new way out. Investment in entrepreneurship will open another door, along with a small series of laid-off workers to see Zhang Yuxia weaving road.

1997, Zhang Yuxia laid off from Tehran textile company. Her stubborn character unwilling poverty and hardship, and after thought dozens of exploration and practice, in 1999 successfully flax tow and flax waste mixed into a pigtail, and then sewn into the flax pigtail sofa cushion.

2000 in April, Zhang Yuxia borrow all around $50 thousand start-up capital, the Kazakhstan black road east of the original Lanxi chemical factory, the first batch of five shares to purchase 20 sets of plait machine. Despite this, still can not meet the strong market purchasing power. As a result, less than a month, the company has purchased 60 machines, and the recruitment of 8 laid-off workers. In this way, all enterprises to achieve the machine to replace the hand, to improve the unit output.

recoge. Zhang Yuxia careful management and the joint efforts of all staff, only a year, the company profit 200 thousand yuan. The workers laughed, and Zhang Yuxia also harvested the joy of success, thus more confident in the determination of the linen car seat industry confidence and determination.

2003, the company seize Lanxi to create "Chinese linen city" and funds, taxes and other preferential policies, has invested about 15000000 Yuan relocation renovation and extension, with the continuous expansion of production scale to absorb laid-off workers and social surplus personnel; the braided tentacles extend outside the province, Harbin, Hulan and radiation in Bei’an more than 8 thousand people engaged in weaving.

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