Open shop need to have these conditions to see if you are suitable for open shop

now want to shop more and more friends, then, how to determine whether they are suitable for open shop? In fact, it is not easy to open a shop, open shop needs to have the following conditions, now to see if you are suitable for open shop.

you for open shop? You need to have a lot of energy and time online! You have to sit in front of the computer motionless for several hours, the brain has always been to maintain rapid rotation, and at the same time and a few, or even a dozen people to chat, can not be wrong what everyone wants, just consulted you what. Not only that, but you also need to have a lot of energy in the free time to go to the forum, post, find customers. If you are too sleepy, really do not want to insist on, it encourages you to use our industry colleagues a word, don’t you want to cook how many hours, just want to in your pocket and put the money, you naturally have energy.

you for open shop? Open a shop, you need to have a very big physical ability! You have to find sources, around one day, can’t stop, to organize the goods, notes, package delivery even carry your home floor your goods do not pant climb the strength, if none of these suggestions, running every day for half an hour, or carrying the goods you climb up to your home the top and down a few times, so if you failed after 3 months, in no dizziness, upstairs panting, you see how a small fine arm and a little muscle.

you for open shop? Open shop you need to have a strong memory! You want to remember all of your goods, no shortage, what name, what price, what kind of function…… You need to be able to guarantee the customer ask your mind the moment you have the impression that customers don’t ask you for a long time, you still do not understand that one, it is bad, you will be considered not professional, then do nothing to lose the chance. (if too much, you can consider buying a shop version of Oh, so you can remember you so the goods and sales situation) you will probably also remember you every customer, if the next time he comes when you know he bought what you talked to you what you want, if you can a >

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