The third Youth nnovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Hefei

now some social entrepreneurial activities in all kinds of time to carry out, at the same time, some youth entrepreneurship contest is organized around the more frequent activities, organize some activities that is actually in order to promote youth entrepreneurship.

9 17, sunshine power cup, the third China Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Hefei and the first week of the successful launch of the customer activities. The contest is divided into preliminaries, finals and registration, Follow-Up Services four stages. Conditions for the age of 18-45 years of age in college students and young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs have started. The project is in line with national policy and industry oriented, with advanced technology and industrial development of the value of the "Internet plus" entrepreneurial projects.

it is reported that the Hefei youth entrepreneurship contest has been successfully held two sessions, a total of 261 entries, covering all areas of modern agriculture, intelligent manufacturing, cultural animation, information engineering, green energy and service outsourcing. Contest selected a number of strong growth, development potential of outstanding projects. To cultivate a large number of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship self-reliance, courage to fight the typical. Part of the excellent project to win one mentor mentor mentor, access to financing loans, credit loans and wind input, such as a total of 28 million 900 thousand yuan of funds to support.

issued in Premier Li Keqiang’s "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the call, to meet Internet plus age, Hefei youth entrepreneurship dream "as the theme of the third annual entrepreneurship competition provides a favorable opportunity for the majority of young people to entrepreneurship, also will urge the" Great Lakes City, innovation heights of Hefei burst more vigorous angry.

The registration time

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