How to improve the industrial level and innovation ability of eight cities along the Yangtze River i

Jiangsu occupies an important position in our country, not only is the location of many tourist scenic spots, but also bears the important economic development burden! Accounted for nearly half of the country’s land area, 3/5 of the population, to create the province’s total GDP of 80%, more than 90% of the total import and export, per capita GDP has exceeded $100 thousand…… The eight cities along the Yangtze River are the focus of Jiangsu’s economic development. A total grasp of great protection, do not engage in large development, the province’s Yangtze River Economic Belt should be how to change the emphasis on the status quo, enhance the level of industry and innovation capacity?

green development optimization stock

in the province of the Yangtze River Economic Zone to promote the development of the forum, the provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang admitted that the excessive development of our province in many places along the river really belongs to the low level, disorderly development issues more prominent, now the Yangtze River Economic Zone to promote development, must be a higher level of development, must enhance transformation as the main direction, especially is to promote green development, innovation and development, integration and development under more effort, to take bigger steps.

industry structure in the Yangtze River region is more obvious, especially the relative concentration of iron and steel, chemical industry, coal and electricity, overcapacity problem is more prominent, restricting the overall competitiveness of the economic belt upgrade. It is understood that only the area along the Yangtze River chemical industry output value has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, other like steel, metallurgy, shipbuilding, cement, thermal power and other industrial scale is very large, the transformation and upgrading of the area along the Yangtze River, the first thing is to optimize the stock.

in Taizhou this year has been closed 52 chemical enterprises. In the past along the Yangtze River to warehousing, shipbuilding, chemical industry, in the future to increase its added value and competitiveness. The general chemical project, we must be determined and have Guantingbingzhuan, batch classification processing, and some do some promotion to the park gathering, some is determined to stop."

Taizhou municipal Party committee secretary Lan Shaomin said, the next step is to further optimize the planning, the idea of green development, to make an inventory of invigorated, adjust. For example, shipbuilding, and now the world’s excess capacity, we accounted for 40% of the province, it is impossible to do incremental, focusing on the optimization and upgrading of the stock."

Jiangyin municipal Party committee secretary Chen Jinhu said, Jiangyin has 34.8 kilometers of the Yangtze River shoreline, basic industry to petrochemical, equipment manufacturing, logistics, the future should be the implementation of the relocation of large impact on the environment of the enterprise, the introduction of some new formats, such as advanced logistics and tourism, "we are planning to do, do a transformation and upgrading plan a" 13th Five-Year "and even a longer period of time in Binjiang industry."

as Li Qiang stressed that those who still can not meet the requirements of corporate governance, to make up their minds, the transfer must be transferred, the closure must be shut down, no ambiguity, no recommendation

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