What is the way to make money recovery wine

now in the vicinity of many areas, or some busy streets, we can see all kinds of wine information recovery. Although this industry is affected by the national policy, however, as long as they can receive money or wine, for sure. But with the recovery of wine to make money, in fact, there are still some of the doorway. So, what are the recovery wine the way to make money?

one is that the wine itself is a judge. Do you think if investors do not understand the authenticity of the wine, is basically a shot cheated, how to mix in this line. To develop this ability, in addition to see (bottle packaging), smell, touch, shake, a bottle of wine to the basic wine people, we will be able to recognize this is true wine, wine, year of how far it is worth. Of course, it is not possible to acquire this Kung Fu is not two or three years, a lot of people are followed by a few years before the teacher to do alone.

is two, trading location in Houchu, not in the area. In fact, for many people in the area of wine, wine recovery is just a pretext, their real active location is the restaurant, hotel, bar Houchu, some even will be priced out of these places all the wine bottle contract.

three is necessary to develop their own eyeliner. Because if this transaction is the hotel owner know, they will mouth, after all, everyone in the circle, so people must develop their own wine line, are hotels, restaurants and bars of the waiter or a bartender, cleaning staff.

once they found that there is no broken bottle will call the recovery, the recipient to recycle, the general price is relatively low, to ensure that our high profits. We also need to conduct training to related requirements of these Eyeliner eyeliner, must not destroy the security code, once destroyed, the wine bottle or worthless.

although this is a profitable industry, but want to achieve the goal of making money, but also need to grasp the relevant operators. So, if you do such a business investment, want to rely on recycling old money, three above the doorway, you know?

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